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Do you long for your IFA website to move higher up in the search engine rankings? High enough that for it to be found when a prospective client searches using the relevant keywords? Perhaps you feel that your competitors are winning in the search engine ranking battle and that they are securing a greater level of the market share? Or would you simply like to make the most of your online marketing opportunities?

If you feel as though there’s more business out there that you could be tapping into, the chances are you’re probably right.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and SEM

SEM sounds an awful lot like SEO, doesn’t it? Whilst each are used to get a website to appear on the first of the results pages, they are essentially different.
Traditionally, SEO fell under the SEM umbrella. Today, this is not the case. SEM now relates to paid advertisements. And SEO is a strategy in its own right. It works alongside SEM for optimum growth.  

In order to achieve your online marketing objectives, it makes perfect business sense to implement solid SEO strategies for organic reach and good SEM strategies for paid reach.  

Searching for the right SEM solutions? You’re in the right place. Call WEBPRO Adviser today.

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I am very happy with the service I received. Camilla took the time to find out what type of website we were looking for and then we went back and forth adjusting the content until we were 100% happy with the end result. Overall, I feel the price was a real bargain and we have a website that I feel I personally designed - except the experts did it for me.

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